Streamlining Contingent Workforce Management, to Outsource or Manage In-House?

temPay automating payroll and Automating Contingent Workforce ManagementThe permanent recruitment market is changing and more Australian businesses are embracing contingent workforces.  With this growth it is essential that recruiters adapt and seek to improve processes and operations to manage this workforce effectively.

More and more agencies are investing in technology to improve efficiency and streamline every day processes, and if you already haven’t done so it’s about time you did.  At temPay we offer recruitment agencies the choice of managing an automated, streamlined process in-house through our white label payroll and contractor management software or alternatively outsourcing payroll and the management of their contractor and temp desk to temPay’s Payroll team where a tailored solution can be built especially for your agency’s requirements.

For agencies looking to outsource contingent workforce management we would recommend engaging our Payroll team.  Outsourcing contractor management will reduce your risk by keeping contractors off books, as responsibility for them will transfer to us – so you can start improving your cash flow and concentrate on growing your business.  At temPay we can handle invoicing and receivables management, payroll and payroll financing, accounting and cash flow management and provide reports to give you greater visibility and governance over your candidates.  Engaging temPay ensures that recruiters and businesses have the resources and time to focus on their core business operations and grow in the competitive marketplace.

If you would prefer to manage your contractors and temp in-house then our White Label Software is the solution for you.  The online portal simplifies and streamlines the process of contractor and temp management and the complete life cycle of contingent workers.  It allows agencies to automate workforce management in-house, temPay covers the complete process from compliance, automated contracts with secured e-signing, online induction programs, quick candidate on boarding, pre-employment checks, and online timesheets with single click email approval, expenses, invoicing, payroll and automated diligent reporting.   On one simple online platform it guarantees to minimise the burden of the mundane tasks for recruitment agencies and clients alike.

The decision of outsourcing or managing contractors in-house is certainly going to depend on a few factors relating to your agency.  To help assist or to give you more insight into such a decision we carried out a forecast on the potential savings recruiters and employers could benefit from outsourcing contractor management. The findings are illustrated below, and suggest that recruiters/employers with 10-60 contractors can experience increased savings from outsourcing and larger recruitment agencies and employers engaging 120 – 200 contractors still achieving a significant saving, however they would benefit much more with an online system such as temPay’s Software.

Interested in finding out how temPay can reduce your costs? We would be happy to meet over coffee and discuss a solution which meets your needs, call us on 1300 409 070 or alternatively contact us here

temPay outsourcing contractor and temp management savings