temPay payroll software elminates costly mistakesA recent review rated Australia’s payroll as one of the top five most complicated globally and there are countless incidents of underpayment or overpayment of pay each and every week.  However Payroll software can significantly reduce costly errors for organisations.

With complexities surrounding taxation of various pay elements, different leave entitlements, and payroll tax in different states, a complex and ever-changing superannuation regime, combined with grey areas in awards and EBAs, are what result in Australia having one of the most complex payroll environments in the world.


Technology can Help
Payroll and Workforce Management Systems are programmed to address many of the complexities in payroll. This can include time collection, award interpretation, leave liability calculation, calculation of superannuation contributions, expenses and of course the taxation related to all of these elements.

As technology continues to evolve, software vendors are working to close the gaps. Today, a best practice payroll system that will reduce the risk of future unfunded liabilities.

temPay’s white label payroll and workforce management platform has evolved into a comprehensive portal which enables automation of time collection, expense management, award interpretation, online self-service for all end users to reduce error prone manual tasks, strong reporting and auditing tools, including dashboards, reports providing management with complete visibility and control; plus much more.  temPay is transforming workforce management and payroll by streamlining the complete process from on boarding through to payroll.

temPay is free for up to 8 contractors/temps and is very competitively priced whether it be for end to end software, outsourced payroll and contingent workforce management, or a particular standalone service.  Also volume discounts apply as contractor numbers grow.  You can request your free demo here