Approving Timesheets just got easier with single click approval

one-finger-double-tap-512As part of our continuous improvement to our service and your experience temPay has introduced single click timesheet approval – making the drudgery task of approving timesheets quick, easy and simple.

Approving Timesheets with single click approvalHow does it work?

Once contractors submit their timesheets on temPay, their approving manager will be sent an email prompting them to approve the timesheet – which will detail the contractors name, the period it covers,  amount of days/hours the contractor has worked and their pay cycle.

The line manager will simply click either “Approve” or “Reject”, which will then be updated automatically on the online platform temPay.

In the event where this email is overlooked or deleted by accident, automated email  reminders will be sent the next morning to eliminate the risk of late timesheet
approvals and to ensure all contractors get paid on time every time.

Benefits of Approving Timesheets with single click approval

Online Timesheets icon Saves Time No longer have to log in to temPay to approve Timesheets

invoicing and billing


Eliminates the Risk of late timesheet approval

Managed Services and Factoring icon


Easy and Simple just one click to either approve or reject timesheet entries from contractors


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